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The Scotsman

Peter Greinig, Mister Whisky !

Peter, whiskey expert, is always ready to share his passion!

His experience, acquired between his Scottish origins and his familiarity with the world of spirits around the world, has enabled him to offer you labels and products of the highest quality in a wide range of prices ranging from rough diamonds to rare pearl

Peter encourages informed and responsible consumption of Whisky. Epicureans know how to appreciate a good drink in good company.

Monsieur Whisky will always offer you a qualitative rather than a quantitative aspect, while avoiding this elitist image that seems to surround this product which is much more accessible than one might think.


The alcohols of Mr. Whisky!

Exceptional quality products

Rare and old alcohols

With more than a hundred references, the lists of whiskeys and rum in stock change every 2 to 3 months. Don't hesitate to ask for our prices and listings.


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Come and enjoy a tasting of Scotland's best Single Malt Whiskies while listening to Peter explain, with his communicating passion, the story of each bottle.